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At first, the central question to be answered by the predominantly structuralist approaches was the following cf. These usage-based models were challenged by generative dual-route models e. Clahsen et al. Although this strong claim was refuted by several empirical studies and modified in later versions of the dual-route model e. Other models, such as Natural Morphology, took an intermediate position by assuming different degrees of productivity and potentiality of different plural markers, depending on their possibility to be used for the integration of loanwords DresslerLaaha et al. Wecker As soon as first productive plural patterns have been established often around age 2 in L1the same two or three plural markers, namely en and e and in some studies also sare most frequently overgeneralized in both types of acquisition e. This phase of overgeneralizations corresponds to the low point of the u-shaped curve. Only when children have discovered the basic regularities of German plural formation including gender and word-final phonologytheir rate of correct plurals will increase again usually from age 3 onwards in L1.

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